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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Bags of Bags!

Ban bags? But what will I put my garbage in? Let me tell you, if I had a plastic bag for every time I heard this...I would have bags and bags and bags of bags!
All kidding aside, this is a really good question. What to put our garbage in? Let's face it, plastic grocery bags are the perfect size for going under the sink to collect our waste. So there is a reuse for them....just not all of them. I have gone and purchased "Biobags" from the grocery store. They are not cheap. They come to about .50cents a bag. They are compostable and biodegradable. So that is an option. I like it because it makes me reconsider what is going into the garbage as waste. It makes me think about what I am buying. So I am trying to choose more recyclable packaging instead of waste packaging. BUT...some people do not want to buy garbage bags. Fair enough. So here is a thought. If you must use plastic grocery bags for your garbage then only get the exact amount you need for garbage. Figure it out. Do you throw out 2 bags of garbage every week? Then limit your plastic bags consumption to two bags. The rest of the time use reusable bags. We don't need bags of bags under our sinks....
Enough ranting for one sunny day,