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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Elected as a Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly for the Constituency of Saanich South on May 12, 2009. New Democratic Opposition Critic for the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands. Raised on Quadra Island and has an undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia. Extensive track record as a community leader, advocate and environmental activist.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Taking a step into the ring of Provincial politics is exciting and meaningful for me. Last August I made the decision to be a part of the May 12th race to the Legislature and I haven't looked back. Almost every day now I am asked why I am doing this, or why I think I am ready.

This is not a question that has a simple answer. There are so many reasons to enter into public service and I will get into the details over the next week. Today I can tell you that I have been on this journey my whole life. Whether it started in grade 7 when I won the Marie Mercier Leadership Award, or in Grade 11, when I became Prime Minister of my school.

Now I am 40 years old, and there have been so many important days in my life when I stood up and said things need to be different, and I want to put in the time to make the change.

This happens to be the time that everything I believe in deep inside, is in the spotlight. This is a time when, more than ever, I feel the opportunity to make a difference is now.
So I am working as hard as possible to have the chance to make a difference at the Provincial level. I won't stop until the polls close the evening of May 12th, and I would love your help along the way.