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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Elected as a Member of the British Columbia Legislative Assembly for the Constituency of Saanich South on May 12, 2009. New Democratic Opposition Critic for the Ministry of Agriculture and Lands. Raised on Quadra Island and has an undergraduate degree from the University of British Columbia. Extensive track record as a community leader, advocate and environmental activist.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Notes From The Campaign Trail.......

There are over 20,000 doors standing between me and election day, May 12th!

One of the most enjoyable parts of this campaign so far is the door knocking
around our Saanich South community. The different neighbourhoods are
interesting to explore. I had a similar enjoyable experience when I ran as a
candidate in the 2005 Saanich Municipal election. I've found people to be
both welcoming and good-natured as I introduce myself door by door. It's
reassuring each time a resident recognises me from my work in the community
or recognises my voice from being on CFAX with Joe Easingwood and offers a
kind word.

I have heard so many supportive comments and have received offers to help
with my campaign.

Door knocking is a bit like a thermometer. It's like I'm taking the
political temperature of our community as I spend the hours moving from
doorstep to doorstep and there have been many nice surprises along the way.
What has been very encouraging are the positive responses I have been
receiving in Broadmead. People told me Broadmead isn't traditionally an area
where New Democrats do well, but many people seem to share my interests and
my concerns. They seem ready for change and as I said, it's very
encouraging. As I work my way around Saanich South I will be talking to many
people, and I hope I get to talk to you!